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How We're Improving

JCW’s Integrated Plan (IP) is a way to balance capital investment to address five primary needs: 

  1. Community Growth and Redevelopment

  2. Aging Infrastructure

  3. Wet Weather Management

  4. Resource Recovery and Waste Acceptance

  5. Regulatory Compliance


After identifying system needs, the IP utilizes a strategic method for delivery. Most project execution methods fall within one of the following four categories: 


Rehabilitating old pipes, manholes, pumping, and treatment facilities.


Proactively preparing for system expansion and improvement efforts needed to support continued growth and redevelopment.


Reuse of water by cleaning so it can be returned to the environment for further use. Reusing waste byproducts to minimize environmental impacts, reduce operating costs, and more efficiently use resources.


Identifying opportunities to improve our level of service by reducing the number of  occasional sewer overflows, building backups, and other unplanned discharges caused by major wet weather events.


Information below this box is still being developed/designed - will have ready to view by next week.

Protecting Our Environment

Protecting our environment by improving water quality, meeting regulatory obligations, and efficiently using and protecting natural resources.

Enhancing or restoring water quality in local, regional and national waters. 


Serving our Customers

Serving our Customers by minimizing human health and property impacts and achieve financial benefits.  


Enhancing our Communities

Enhancing our communities by being a good neighbor, and fostering responsible growth and important development. 

JCW’s Integrated Plan includes coordination with local cities and other agencies to limit disruptions from construction when possible. 


We also continue to implement improved odor control technologies into our facilities improvements:

   Content will be updated as project develops, please check back. 
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