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An affordable and strategic approach to enhancing our community, protecting water quality, and ensuring continued system viability.

JCW's 25-Year Integrated Plan: 
Renewing Life's Essential Resource

What is an Integrated Plan?

What is Integrated Planning?

An Integrated Plan (IP) supports strategic and financial planning by examining an organization’s existing resources and future needs. It is a thoughtful, equitable, and collaborative resource that

  • Promotes efficiency and reliability

  • Identifies high priority needs for capital investment

  • Prioritizes human health and quality of life

  • Minimizes unnecessary social and environmental impacts

Focus on the Future

Water is a crucial element in our everyday lives, but population growth and changing weather events are changing the way water resources are maintained. At present, Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) provides sanitary sewer services for more than 500,00 people in Johnson County, KS. This requires JCW to operate and maintain a large, complex system, while addressing immediate and ongoing improvement needs.

Investments and Upgrades 

Areas of Immediate Need

  • Wastewater Treatment Facilities Improvements

  • Collection System Maintenance and Renewal

  • Wet Weather Management Strategies

  • Pumping Facility Performance

Areas of Continuous Need

  • Aging Infrastructure

  • Complex Water Quality Issues

  • System-Wide Wet Weather Capacity

  • Growing Customer Service Demands

JCW began the IP process in 2019 and identified the need for $2.1 billion (in 2018 dollars) in future infrastructure projects over a 25-year period. These projects include both individual capital projects and ongoing system renewal and maintenance efforts. These capital investments will allow JCW to address growing customer demands and meet US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) requirements.

In addition to identifying capital projects and system improvements, JCW’s 25-year IP focuses on the personnel, communication and planning resources that are needed to support and deliver those activities. 


Thanks to the 25-year Integrated Plan, JCW can address its most critical environmental and public health issues while managing long-term infrastructure needs.

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