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Project: Metcalf & 103rd 

Metcalf and103rd Interceptor Relocation and Capacity Improvements

Objective: Johnson County Wastewater is working to increase the capacity of the sanitary sewer system in the general area of 103rd Street and Metcalf Avenue. Referred to as the Metcalf and 103rd Interceptor Relocation and Capacity Improvements, this project addresses approximately 3,000 linear feet of 21-inch through 30-inch diameter existing sanitary sewer interceptor in Overland Park, Kansas, near Pinehurst Park and the Indian Creek Shopping Center that requires additional capacity and protection from streambank erosion.

The additional capacity is needed to provide the desired long-term level of service for the tributary area during large wet weather events. This project will provide more dependable and environmentally sound sanitary sewer service to the area.

Project Status: The Contractor has completed the sanitary sewer installation. The Contractor is performing site cleanup, punch list items, and surface restoration. Final restoration will be completed in Spring 2024.

Metcalf and 103rd - Click to View Map Larger

Metcalf and 103rd
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Anticipated Traffic impacts:

There are no further traffic impacts anticipated.

Key Contacts:


Information Links  Notification update letters were mailed in March 2021 to property owners and local businesses along the anticipated alignment.

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