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Project: State Line Pump Stations & Forcemain

Public Meeting Held - October 24, 2023 
Pump Station 10/11 - 8900 State Line Rd, Leawood KS

The purpose of the State Line Road Pump Stations and Forcemain project is to capture flows from the Leawood Service Area that currently drain across the State Line into the Kansas City, Missouri (KCMO) collection system and send that flow to JCW’s newly completed Tomahawk Wastewater Treatment Facility.


JCW evaluated the business case for this project and determined that the project will save JCW over $100 Million over 20 years, compared to the cost of continued treatment of all flows by KCMO. Along with these long-term savings, this project will pay for itself in approximately 6 to 7 years, providing near term financial benefits to the residents of Johnson County.

Project Schedule: State Line Pump Stations and Forcemain Project Design Schedule
  • 30% Design – Compete Late Spring 2023

  • 60% Design – Compete Fall 2023

  • Public Open House or Public Meeting prior to application for Final Development Plan – Late 2023/Early 2024

  • 95% Design – Compete Winter 2024

  • Bidding of Projects – Spring 2024

  • Notice to Proceed for Construction and Construction Start – Summer 2024

What is happening now on the project?
There may be crews in the field doing survey work and gathering information.

​Surveying activities are needed to gather topographical, surface feature data, geological conditions, and utility locations. This information will be used in the design of the proposed sewer pipeline. Doorhanger notifications are placed on businesses and homes in the area where crews will be to notify those who may be impacted. All of the JCW crews and subs will have a letter to identify them as part of the working crew.

Door hangers
  • ​Door hangers will be placed at businesses and homes to notify of work on property. 

Official Letter

  • Letter - the survey crews and those working on behalf of JCW will have a copy of the attached letter without watermarks.


Dear Resident:

Johnson County Wastewater (JCW) is planning a new sanitary sewer project that will affect your neighborhood. The project will involve installing a pipe along State Line Road from 90th Street to Interstate 435.  Also, the City of Leawood and JCW are planning pavement repairs to southbound lanes of State Line Road from 89th Street to 103rd Street and State Line Way south of 103rd Street. This project will result in temporary traffic impacts during design and construction. 

  • Why is this project needed? 
    This project will save JCW over $100 Million over 20 years with financial benefits to the customers of JCW.

  • What should I expect at this stage?
    JCW has hired George Butler Associates (GBA) to design these improvements. GBA and their partners will be performing various field investigations including:

    • Surveying including the use of aerial drones

    • Exposing existing underground utilities to allow for measurements

    • Drilling to investigate soils along the project

      ​You may notice employees of GBA and GBA’s partners working in your neighborhood.  All employees will be carrying an identification letter from JCW. Employees will not need to enter any homes.

  • Where is the project located?
    On the reverse side of this door hanger is a map of the extent of the project.

  • When will this occur?

    • Field investigations will be ongoing throughout the year.

    • Construction of this project is anticipated to begin in spring of 2024.  

  • How can I find out more about this project?

    • More information about the project can be found at:

    • In the future, the project team will have an open house to discuss this project for those directly affected. 

We appreciate your understanding.  If you have any questions of concerns, you may contact Michael Cunningham at JCW at 913‑715‑8545.

Project Engagement
  • ​Engagement for the project has included joint and individual meetings for each of the pump stations.

  • There will be an another Public Open House or Public Meeting prior to application for Final Development Plan

    • Early 2024

  • Meeting materials and information for the previous engagement open houses/meetings can be found at the links in the "For More Information" box below. 

Meetings included:

​INTERACT Public Open House Held

  • In-Person - March 8, 2022, Virtual - March 9, 2022

  • Attendees invited:

    • In Conformance with the City of Leawood's INTERACT Program, Certified Letters were sent to property owners within 200 feet of each property location.

    • In addition, postcards were sent to all property owners within 500 feet of each property location.

  • Follow-up meetings held with property owners and citizens to answer questions and additional input.


Figure 1-1A: indicates the general locations of proposed State Line pump stations and forcemain.


Map above shows the sub-basin boundaries and how the gravity flow of the sewers is directed to the sites.

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