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Why It's Important

Financial Stability


JCW is committed to developing an affordable and strategic plan that enhances our community, protects our water quality, and ensures the long-term viability of our system. 

In years past, before Integrated Planning (IP) was endorsed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and included in the Clean Water Act, utility managers had fewer resources at their disposal. Without IP, they struggled to meet regulatory requirements that didn’t consider the utility’s financial obligations or unique circumstances facing the community it served. As a result, utility managers were often forced to satisfy those requirements by drastically increasing service rates over a short timeframe in order to fund the completion of projects over a short period of time. With Integrated Planning, utility managers can better manage community resources by prioritizing critical infrastructure, environmental, and public health issues. 

JCW will need to make major capital investments in the coming years to address priority infrastructure needs and regulatory demands. Thanks to its investment in the IP process, JCW has avoided significant, short-term rate increases by establishing a balanced, long-term investment strategy. This allows JCW to identify and prioritize engineering alternatives and new technologies that deliver customer savings.

In 2019, Phase 1 of the JCW’s IP was completed. It identified approximately $2.1 Billion (in 2018 dollars) in potential projects and solutions over the next 25 years. A majority (53%) of those projects and solutions are related to major wastewater treatment facility (WWTF) upgrades that will provide additional capacity, modernize aging facilities, and meet existing or anticipated regulatory requirements.

   Click to view the IP Executive Summary, or the Full Report   


Cost Chart

After identifying program and regulatory needs, JCW worked with their engineering and financial teams to evaluate management and funding opportunities. This portion of the integrated planning process allowed JCW to create its 25-year schedule. 


JCW's Five-Year Action Plan

While JCW’s 25-year IP is designed to guide its investments and activities for the next quarter century, an increased focus is required for its most immediate needs. To this end, JCW created a five-year action plan to help ensure the last year of its IP is just as successful as the first. 

The schedule below reflects JCW’s understanding of infrastructure and regulation needs over the next 5 years. Over time and with new information, the plan will adjust to, and account for, system needs, solutions, and resources. 


Integrated Plan 25-Year Schedule

The  25-year year schedule is used for long range planning and demonstrates to the regulators our intention to meet the requirements in a way that avoids burdening our customers with rate spikes. 

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Interactive Map

Want to learn where these projects will take place? You can use the interactive map link below to see where projects are taking place and learn more about the specifics of each. 

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